Frequently Asked Questions – and answers to them:

What kind of motorcycle will I learn on?

You’ll be taught on size-appropriate, late model motorcycles from well known manufacturers. They range in engine size from 125cc to 250 cc. They’ve been chosen for their relatively low power and lighter weight.

How much does the course cost?

The course costs $490.00 effective January 1, 2015. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a receipt by e-mail.

What does the final test consist of?

The final test is the widely recognized Motorcycle Operator Skill Test II. You’ll be tested on the skills you were taught, on the motorcycle you learned on, at the end of the instructional portion of the course. To be eligible for the final test you must have completed all the instructional elements.

How often can I take the test?

Included in the course fee are two attempts at the skill test. If you’re unsuccessful at your first attempt the you can make arrangements to come back and re-try your test at a later date

What is a Class 6 license?

It is a motorcycle only license.  An “A” endorsement is added to your class 5 to class 1 license.  This endorsement allows you drive any motorcycle.

What is meant by good physical health?

Riding a motorcycle demands that you be mental and physically alert. You’ll be required, on occasion to push the motorcycle. If you have any health conditions that may be aggravated by being outside for extended periods of time or by mild physical exertion you should reconsider taking Gearing Up

What do I have to bring with me to the course?

Have rain gear available as the course does run rain or shine

What is the wording of the waiver

You’ll be asked to sign a waiver of liability prior to the beginning. If you’re under the age of 19 you’ll have to get a parent or guardian to sign on your behalf. The signing of the waiver is a condition of participating in the program.  If you’re uncomfortable signing the waiver your registration fee will be refunded in total. You can view the waiver here

Does the course run regardless of the weather?

The course will run rain or shine. Bring appropriate rain gear. The only time the course will be stopped is if there is the imminent threat of severe weather.

What happens if I want to cancel out of a course I’m registered in?

You can cancel out of a course you’re registered in up to five days before the course starts. There is a $75 administration fee that will be deducted from your course fee refund. If you cancel less than five days before the course starts there is no refund. If you don’t attend the course at the scheduled date and time on your registration receipt your will not receive any refund.

Can I transfer from a course I’m registered in to another date, if it’s available?

Assuming space is available in the course date you want to transfer to, you may transfer between courses once at no charge. If you decided you want to transfer again then there will be a $50 charge. You may not transfer between courses less than five days before the course in which you are currently registered starts