Gearing Up was developed by Canadians, for Canadians by the Canada Safety Council away back in 1974.Gearing Up in Nova Scotia

Welcome to the registration site for Nova Scotia’s Gearing Up, Canada’s national motorcycle rider training program. If you’re interested in taking a rider training program in Nova Scotia, you’ve come to the right place. First, a little background.

Gearing Up in Nova Scotia isn’t new. In fact, Gearing Up has been available through other providers for well over 30 years. Thousands of Nova Scotians have taken Gearing Up. Now we have a new way of delivering Gearing Up with new partners.

Gearing Up was developed by Canadians, for Canadians by the Canada Safety Council away back in 1974. Since then, over half-a-million people have taken a Gearing Up course as their introduction to motorcycling. The program is managed at a national level by the Canada Safety Council. The Canada Safety Council works with local delivery partners to make Gearing Up available. Instructors who teach Gearing Up are themselves experienced instructors who have completed a rigorous instructor development program and been certified by the Canada Safety Council.

The Gearing Up program takes individuals new to motorcycling from the very basics of riding – things like balancing the motorcycle, using the brakes and clutch through to gear shifting. From there, the course moves on to managing the motorcycle at slow speeds, riding in traffic-line situations, braking in emergencies and swerving to avoid a collision.

The course takes about twenty hours to complete and includes about three hours in a typical classroom environment. The rest of the time you’ll be riding on a motorcycle provided to you as part of your course fee. You will receive a learner's motorcycle licence on successful completion of the course and final examination.

To participate in the Gearing Up course there are a few formalities you should be aware of:

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